St. Joseph Evangelization Network touches thousands of lives around the world every day.  God works through us to bring the truth and beauty of the Catholic Faith to people everywhere.  Their testimonies inspire us to continue our mission to change the world one soul at a time!

Here are what just a few people had to say about how their lives were impacted by our work.


- "Dear St. Joseph Radio, I want to thank you for all the programs that I have heard. I await each Saturday to hear your special guests. To be able to hear such Catholicity, I thank our Lord Jesus that it is possible to pick it up on my radio. In love, Jane (Portland, IN)"

- "Dear St. Joseph Radio, My first contact with a Catholic organization was you... I am now making plans to start attending Mass and start the RCIA class in September. I want to express my deep gratitude to you for your helping me come to the knowledge and the truth about the Catholic Church.  -JM" (Michigan)

 - "Thanks again for leading me home. It has been 3 years and I can't adequately describe how happy I have become. My life has become underpinned with a rock-solid belief in the Church and sacraments."

 - "I just came home; tired, low energy... imagine my surprise and delight to see a package from St. Joseph Radio! As I read your note I am so touched I cannot find the right words...THANK YOU!!!"

 - "I’m on the road and heading home and heard your program for the first time.  I’m floored!  It’s great!  It’s just great!  I am a PBS and NPR fanatic and I love it whenever I can hear it.  The advice and honest book review given tonight by Fr. Collins is amazing!  It makes me want to continue to give my life over to Christ.  -Emily"

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